Economic System In Ruins… Here Are My Thoughts

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Economic System In Ruins… Here Are My Thoughts

Thoughts of the day… The banks create money out of nothing, but if you try to take it without permission, you have done something bad… and if you cannot pay back your loan of money created from nothing, in which your payments rely on a stable economic system which the system is not designed to be, they take your home, and call it a success story… mission accomplished. In exchange for offering you a loan based on nothing, it then accepts ‘real’ cash payments from you, which it then uses to further tighten the economic noose… inflation plays its role, compound interest plays its role, economic forecasts play their role, real estate types, and the politicians and other players ensure the cycle of deception shakes the tree of all its fruit…. nary a squeek comes from the scared customers, who are afraid of the moment the whole scam falls apart, and until that inevitably happens, they try to stave off the moment of reckoning for another day and another person, or generation… that which was inherited in the land of plenty (for others, that is), is a collective mental illness of generations, that needs to be healed with tender gentle love from within all player’s hearts… the customers don’t notice the invisible rubble as they walk through the doors of financial worship.. the doorstep is littered with suicides, the homeless, and the ones who simply gave up on life… but no doubt the pain, suffering and abuse, is immense, but greater yet, is the victory of awakening and healing.

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