The Christ Within You Is Already Crucified… Now Get Down From The Cross Beloved

The Christ Within You Is Already Crucified… Now Get Down From The Cross Beloved

Dear christ within you~

I am your friend. I can see that you are being crucified. I can see you crucify yourself. I can help you, if you would like. Some people enjoy getting crucified believe it or not… or at least, they think they do. How can I tell when someone is crucifying themself or others? That’s easy beloved ones, anytime, wisdom, power and love, are shunned for the lie, it is a crucifixion… it is a form of self-abuse.

As people abuse the christ within them, they sometimes cry out in pain… because as you know, a crucifixion may be a painful experience.

But we have grown from this… we are ready for what happens when we get down off the crosses that we bear.

The crosses we bear are that, which comes from living with untrue values, attitudes and beliefs, straying from Creator, and giving up on love. Beloved ones… all this chaos is not meant to last forever, how some humans are simply not happy, in universal values. They want to treat this planet like it is something to own and abuse…. again… the mother earth this time, is supposed to be crucified, while the jolly humans dance upon her dying body, draped in jewels raped from her intestines, the soil has been drenched in chemtrails… I could go on and on, about how the cards are stacked up against a society that has no idea who it’s leaders are, and where they are headed, and who is serving the Light, and who is serving satan… how on earth did a planet get so poisoned? Who is behind this? Who supports the cleanup and the renewal? Who wants to live in the radiance and take part in a successful rebirthing in the golden age?

The golden age is here, and yet the planet is dotted with christs bearing their crosses, that no one has asked them to bear.

The golden age is here, and yet the christs say, ‘eh… prove it to me, I’m tired’.

The golden age is here, and yet some christs wouldn’t give up their crosses even if you tried to grab it from them, they would fight you, to hang on to it.

The computers want humanity to enjoy self-abuse in all it’s forms.

An awakened christ can change the world, christs are everywhere and when they drop their crosses, it shall be.

Can you hear now in your imagination… millions of ‘thuds’ as christs drop their crosses… and a lightness spreads across the planet, in beautiful radiant colours, taking the old earth, and recycling into something created from our highest aspirations and our healing hands.

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