Grandfather Says Humans Frying Themselves Alive With 5G Frequencies

Grandfather Says Humans Frying Themselves Alive With 5G Frequencies

If you are wearing sunscreen in a 5G environment and say covered in an oil … it’s like frying a chicken in a microwave.

My child it is true, I must watch many of you choose to fry yourselves like chicken in a microwave… what can I do? I cannot control my children… you are not my robots.

The worst case scenario for becoming 5G fried human (always toxic) would be this:

-Eat acids and heavy metals.

-Obey… and I’m not talking about obeying me either which is not what My health is about.

-Cover yourself in mystery lotions and oils… and all the other grooming products that are dead energy.

-Don’t detox ever!

-Be dehydrated.

-Maintain a high level of radioactivity.

-Hold your cellphone to your ear, and your laptop on your lap.

-Stay in the grid.

-Sleep on a coiled mattress.

-Drink tap water.

-Avoid living food.

Remember My children, you are not My robots… and many of you have plans to create a whole new economy based on turning My children into fried children.

Dear hearts… all games aside… it’s really those who are not ‘with Me’, who are getting themselves into hot water one way or another… don’t blame Me… you can’t throw yourselves into perceived states of helplessness, then blame another… I created you to survive and thrive. I created you to dance the dance of the ages with Me. The game always playout that you would be born into a world of illusion and amnesia, with the goal that you would find your way out, and then propel your evolution into a quantum shift… this is where I am at dear ones… are you with Me? You are on earth for something… could it be something to do with the biggest shift of all universes… the moment a species does a leap into a new crystalline form… this achievement has never happened before, so wonder and wander not, that you are without great purpose, even in your most simplistic, base, and ungrand expressions.

And so the story goes, is that I have sent my greatest souls to earth to engage in a game of dark and light… with eventual resolution of light winning.

And so the story goes… will these great souls now be slow fried in 5G microwaves, or will they and the world create something else?

I would suggest door #1 dear heart… the door of Oneness.

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