The whole planet will be reshuffled. Some regions will be up, others will be down under. The ocean floors are going to be totally rebuilt and the waters will be redirected. That means the whole planet is going to be impacted. Humanity has to reorganize itself. The Human race is going to be redistributed throughout the planet.

Very important Divine calls to light workers
April 26, 2020
Linda Li

Dear beloveds, I would like to take this opportunity to give you a quick update on the Planetary shifts and the final disclosure. As you know, we are having the most intense energetic downloads and activations lately. Especially the energetic releasing happening on the planet, and these are the most powerful ones we have experienced so far.
The reason that the planet is going through these intense clearings and activations is because we, as humans, do not often realize how important nature is, and how we Are connected with Mother Earth at the cellular level. We are the Mother Earth. What the planet is, So too is our body. When the planet is going through extreme changes, we too, go through the changes. We are Mother Earth’s extensions if you will, and we share what Mother Earth is going through, both energetically and physically.
Now, there are some light workers who have just awakened and these changes are new to them. I understand why they are confused over what is happening now. And I hope this post will be helpful for them.
There are also some light workers who are advanced souls. These light workers have been on the path for some time. Their spiritual journeys are various. Some had a very intense awakening process, others may be blessed with a smoother path. Nevertheless, these souls have been worked on, by the Divine, for quite some time, and now their time has come. The Divine has sent out a call to these light workers. The Divine wants them to heed the call and be prepared for the next mission and phase.
The reason that the Divine has singled out this group of light workers is because they are the ones who carry an important Divine mission. Collectively, they are the ones that have been picked by the Father for the purpose of establishing the Divine government and the next phase of Gaia’s ascension. These souls, individually, also have a great deal of work to do in terms of helping their soul groups and soul family members. Their time ahead is going to be very demanding. And that is why the Divine has called them. The Divine wants these souls to be ready when the time comes and know that their mission is critical beyond their mind’s understanding. So listen to thy heart dear ones. Listen to the Divine guidance within. Be prepared and know your Divine mission is coming.
Now, there are also some important light workers who have been on the planet for quite some time. Their Divine mission is closely related to Mother Earth and the planet herself. The planet knows these souls well. And these souls are now needed. The Divine wants these souls to take care of the planet in a way that only these souls know how. They have Gaia’s body coded in their soul body, and Gaia has been training them till now, and now the time has come for their service. Their physical body is deeply connected with Mother Earth and whatever they do and wherever they are, Gaia is with them. Gaia needs these souls to be ready on a moment’s notice. Gaia wants these souls to be prepared and know that the planet is going to go through another round of big shifts, and their participation is wanted. Take care of thy body and be the service Gaia needs you to be dear angels.
Now, let’s talk about the Divine plan for the final disclosure. The final disclosure was designed for the planet and humanity to recognize that Gaia is going through ascension. The planet and humanity need to ascend to the 5th dimension. The current situation the planet is no longer sustainable. The planet is in such a dire position that we, the Divine need to help the planet to ascend. That is why we, the Divine and the company of heaven are here. Your Father God has incarnated. His human incarnation is the leader during Gaia’s ascension time. He has designed this whole process and he is now ready to lead the operation of Gaia’s restoration phase.
The reason that we, the Divine want the disclosure to happen is because we, the Divine want to give humanity a heads up. The ascension of the planet is a gigantic undertaking. It requires the entire planet and human race to cooperate. It is a thorough remapping process. The whole planet will be reshuffled. Some regions will be up, others will be down under. The ocean floors are going to be totally rebuilt and the waters will be redirected. That means the whole planet is going to be impacted. Humanity has to reorganize itself. The Human race is going to be redistributed throughout the planet. And the entire planet is going to be different once this process is over. That is why the Divine has come. Your Father God has come. He is the one who has the knowledge of how the planet works and how this reset is going to play out. Because of the process and the way the planet was designed, your Father will have to be the leader managing this gigantic project. And the Divine can’t wait for him to start the role.
However, we, the Divine also know that the old patriarchy is still running the show. The old structures are still in place. The old paradigm is still influential in the human psyche. The Divine cannot force things to happen. There is a rhythm in everything. We need to let nature run her course. That is why we, the Divine have been patiently waiting till the time is right so that the new age can naturally unfold.
However long the wait will be, we, the Divine are going to wait. We know that the old is coming to an end. And the wait is not going to be long. The waiting game is going to be over soon.
I love you dear angels. I am your Mother God. the light workers who have been wanting the disclosure happen, and I admire your patience and working toward that goal. Just know that there are going to be some bumpy roads ahead in terms of getting the Divine government up and running. Know that there were light workers who were assigned critical missions and, at the last minute, they stopped doing their Divine duties. Some have not done their Divine work at all. There are also others who caved in to the pressure and gave up their Divine tasks. As a result, we, the Divine have to regroup our light workers and started over again. And, patterns like this keep happening among our light workers, And that contributes a great deal to the delay of the Divine plan.
That being said, your Father has brought the Divine laws here for the future undertakings. One specific law demands all light workers to conduct their Divine mission. No one should stop or give up their Divine duties. This spiritual law requires all souls to serve the Divine and this law has just taken effect lately. Souls who have defied the laws will be facing the Divine and facing the consequences. The Divine no longer tolerates misconduct of any kind. Light workers have been asked to perform their Divine mission, and the spiritual laws require all light workers to be on their best performance and serve their mission truthfully and dutifully. That is what the laws require.
The last thing I want to mention is that the Divine laws have been carried out by your Father God. He is the one who brought these laws here. These spiritual laws are his tools for the time to come. Study these laws dear ones. They are here for all souls. No exceptions. Spiritual laws are for the spirit, and they are working at the Soul level. It is gravely important that you understand them and follow them so that you will be able to conduct your mission smoothly and get your job done before your time here is due. The laws are for the entire planet and human race. So there is no leeway and no exceptions. Take these laws to the heart and stay true to thyself and the Divine. Know it is vital for your soul purpose and it is designed for the planetary ascension and it serves every body. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Go in peace.

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