Divine Disclosure Coming To Planet Earth Very Soon!! What Is It?

Divine Disclosure Coming To Planet Earth Very Soon!! What Is It? 

1. First of all these updates are extremely important… here is the most recent update from Mother God via Linda Li…. then I will explain things… 

Dear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with important news. The Divine has decided to move forward, again, with the final disclosure. I know that we have tried it before and now the opportunity has arrived and the Divine decided to give another try.
The final disclosure is the last step for the Divine and the company of heaven to take before the New Era begins in your reality. It is an important step. The whole purpose of the final disclosure is to give the planet a total picture of what is happening for Gaia and humanity, Why the planet is ascending and why the planet needs help from the Divine. We want the planet to know that so the process forward will be manageable.
Yes, the Divine planned to have the final disclosure in the spring, And we indeed expected it to happen in the realm of the third dimension. However, because the light workers who were tasked to make the announcement didn’t perform their duty, the Divine had to rearrange the announcers and reschedule the event. After Divine’s work and our light worker’s diligence, the Divine now has another chance for the disclosure to happen.
This time though, we have to be careful about the light workers who are supposed to make the announcement. We, the Divine will have to continue the effort even if it seems that the time is ripe. We understand that the human mind can change on a moment’s notice. And we also realize that the planet is very much in a desperate situation and humanity is very much stressed out over the whole thing.
That being said, we, the Divine are fully confident that this time around, the Divine sent announcer will make the announcement. The final disclosure has to happen. We are all here waiting and we have had enough. It is time. No more waiting. Let the final disclosure happen and let’s start the next step. We are here and ready for that. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear ones.
Linda Li

2.  As I said, these updates are very important… now I’ll explain.  Divine Disclosure is basically the announcements that our spiritual family DO exist and have been here all along… AND… THEY CREATED EARTH AND HAVE GUIDED HUMANITY SINCE THEY FIRST CREATED US… how’s that? Oh, there’s more… we are gonna meet our makers.  We are going to have Divinely inspired mentors… you see humans, this planet is in critical condition.  Our spirit family have said when things would get too serious on planet earth, that they would step in and basically STOP US FROM DESTROYING THIS PLANET… you see how important this is?  Our leadership has failed this planet and so have we as a species, have failed to care and love our mother earth, who is now in critical condition.

The Divine disclosure, will signal the end of religions as we know them… in a moment, they will all either evolve, or disappear… many religions thrive on humanity not ‘meeting our makers’. 

3.  Who is out there?  Who wants to visit earth? 

A few notables include:  yahyel   / pleiadians   / arcturians    /    ashtar command    /   galactic federation /

In the spirit world:  Archangels   /  angels   / spirit guides   /  beings from 352 dimensions 

Solar system beings:   Sanat Kumara,  Venusians…

Sun:  A portal now very busy with solar system traffic… those coming into the solar system and leaving…

4.  Who is here already?

Various beings have already incarnated as humans including: 

Father Mother God  /  Christ   /  Ascended Masters /   Prime Creators   /   144,000 lightworkers  /  and lots more…

5.  So why is this significant again?

A. Planet earth is undergoing a major shift in energy, in body, in form, and our planet is also in the process of being set up for a new quantum shifted reality.  Already they say our planet is in the 7th dimension and climbing… 


C. Humanity has steered this planet towards death… environmental disasters… and humanity will learn that our Divine family have even kept this planet from spinning off it’s orbit… that’s how harmful our behaviour and energy have been towards this planet. 

D.  There’s no going back… planet earth will never go back to an old way of living.  Neither will things fall apart so bad like in the times of Atlantis. 

6.  What now?

Research… share and help educate people.  Watch for more announcements that are related to the ascension, mother earth’s ascension, visitors and guides and galactic mentorship, NESARA/GESARA and much much more. 

Blessings and thanks for participating in Divine Disclosure celebrations.

Love, Indian

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Master Kuthumi currently shares the role of World Teacher. However, during the Age of Aquarius Master Kuthumi will take on…

Master Kuthumi currently shares the role of World Teacher.Edit”Master Kuthumi currently shares the role of World Teacher (with Sananda). However, during the Age of Aquarius Master Kuthumi will take on full responsibility for this enormous undertaking.”

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