There are about a few hundred Divine team members who need to hear this important message. some of these light workers may have been picked by your Father Christ and Are now in the training process.

Clarion Call
The Divine plan is unfolding nicely dear ones. The planet is about to go into the next phase of the ascension process. The Divine has already started and now is the time to get the Divine team members together.
There are about a few hundred Divine team members who need to hear this important message. some of these light workers may have been picked by your Father Christ and Are now in the training process. Their training is coming to an end soon. The purpose of their training is to get them ready for the next phase. These souls are now being called to listen up and get ready for their next big job.
There are some light workers who have been hand picked to be the Divine team members. Their mission is so critical that they have to get ready soon. The Divine wants these souls to know that their mission is about to begin and it is their time to get moving.
All the Divine team members are called to get together. The gathering location will be announced in the upcoming weeks or months. Souls who have the critical positions, are required to be present. The meeting will be Christ’s meeting and Divinely planned. All invited ones are Divinely picked and their mission ahead will be fully revealed to them by the Christ at the meeting.
The souls who have been appointed by the Christ are also called to make the trip, Even though these critical ones have the Divine connections and Are directly under the Christ’s direction. However, this time, they are asked to come and meet the rest of the team members.
This Divinely orchestrated gathering has been done in the inner plains. This gathering purpose is to gather the Divine team members in our reality and prepare for the next phase working side by side. There are some of the members who already know each other in person. But The majority have not been introduced to each other and have never met in person. The Divine wants the gathering to be the opportunity for these spiritual warriors to meet and get to know each other for the sake of working together for the next phase.
The souls who have been informed are the ones whose mission is related to the Christ himself. Yes, there are quite a few souls whose mission is solely helping the Christ. These souls are the ones the Christ will work with on a daily basis. They are the great loves of the Christ and their mission is to help the Christ in the next couple of decades. These souls have been called by the Christ and Are now being called again. Get thyself ready dear ones. Your time has come.
In the next few weeks and months, things on the planet will change dramatically. The ease of the tension and relaxed atmosphere will come to the planet. Humanity will also start looking for the Divine guidance and directions. The light workers in general are going to start their teaching and healing missions. The overall Divine plan is going to take a stand on the planet. And the overall atmosphere will continue to ease. The Divine team will also start the move, moving toward the full Divine government disclosure. And that is the Divine plan.
I love you dear angels. Hear the Divine calls and get thyself ready. Know your time to shine has come. Your time to serve has arrived. And you are needed indeed. Time to get thyself ready. I love you. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.
Linda Li

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The final disclosure needs to happen. For the sake of the planet and for the sake of humanity. We, the Divine, have literally run out of the patience. The souls whose mission is to make the announcement know that. These souls know that their mission is extremely critical. They know it is time for them to perform their mission.

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