Mother God Call Of Duty Announcement For Lightworkers: What You Do Or Do Not Do Will Change Course Of History!!

Dear beloveds, the Divine has been working hard to prepare for the very first Divine gathering event. Every aspect of the gathering is important and the Divine is extremely careful to make sure all aspects are covered and everything will be taken care of.This gathering has been designed for quite some time. The Divine and the whole Divine team are excited that it is finally happening. And the light warriors, too, are so involved. That is great to watch.Now, there are still some critical light workers who are in denial of the Divine calling. The calls have been sent out for quite a few times. And yet, these light workers pretend not hearing the calls or ignoring the calls. And that is sad. The Divine laws require the light workers to honor their Divine mission and Divine duties. If for some reason, the light workers who refuse or ignore their Divine duties, the end result will be very unfortunate, both for the Divine plan as well as for the light workers themselves. And a lot of times, the result is to change the overall Divine plan and the light worker’s personal mission and plan. Some may head home. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Time is extremely critical for the planet earth and the Divine as well. We, the Divine need a lot of the help from our angel light warriors. Indeed, it is time for the light workers to stand up and take their Divine mission seriously. The duty call has arrived. Especially the ones that have critical missions in the upcoming time. What you do or not do will change the course of human history. Choose wisely dear angels. Know the Divine has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Your soul is being prepared for this moment over many live times. Now the time has arrived. You have been working hard for this moment. It is extraordinarily important that you listen to the Divine and honor your own soul’s desire. You have a lifetimes chance right now to become the true trooper you came here to be. And your soul has been working tirelessly for this opportunity, respect that dear angels. I love you. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace dear angels. So it is. Linda Li

2 thoughts on “Mother God Call Of Duty Announcement For Lightworkers: What You Do Or Do Not Do Will Change Course Of History!!

  1. I am so ready and have been trying to wake the sleepy one’s, that we are not alone. I have never forgotten the first contact and message received back in 1963. As well as the various times visited by interdimentional Beings, which have always been ensuring, healing and full of love & approval.
    This has been a tough assignment though have no regrets. Looking forward to meeting my family’s and healing too of assorted injuries. May All go well with peace and acceptance by All. You can call me Anne.


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