Astounding Angelic Quotes To Help Make Your Day The Best Ever!

“Breathe joy into every corner of the universe and sing your story to every star”

“Absolute clarity of purpose makes choosing a simple process”

“Separated you shall be from everything which pulls you off the spiritual path”

“Simple communication can be reduced to just three words: I love you”

“The contents of your shopping bags will never still the hunger of the soul”

“The word “my” will expand into the word “our” through a huge jolt of global compassion”

“Every pace is a point for Divinity or for the devil”

“Great depths intrinsically hold the seeds for rising to great heights”

“You are actually never in isolation. If you feel that you are, you have shut yourself off from your Divine origins”

“Your experience is not your destination; it is your stepping stone”

“Are your words daggers of defence or peace treaties?”

“We are not into temporary cosmetic repairs. We are into building eternal paradise” 

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