Holographic Medical Beds Sound Like Sci-Fi! 3. Types of med beds: 1. Diagnostic and Treatment 2. Regeneration 3. Regression and Rejuvenation

Holographic Medical Beds Sound Like Sci-Fi! Regeneration, DNA Restoration, Age And Memory Regression

These beds represent a quantum leap in the business of health care all over your beautiful world…because there are currently enough of these beds to begin roll-out in every country that wants them. Just imagine, a health care package with no chemotherapy, no toxic chemicals, organ removal, or having to live long-term with scars, disease, and disfunction.

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  1. MONICA Lynn TROSCLAIR says:

    I love the world peace movement, on these beds, will it fix my 83 year old mother on about 15 meds for diabetes, weak heart, high blood pressure and all the mess it brings..and anti depressant since my sister died..( before her was very hard)..


    1. Sure anyone who lasts long enough on earth for when this technology becomes available to the general public, can access a marvelous new chapter in their life…. the excess meds do make this extra challenging but it is possible.


  2. Susan Coatsworth says:

    After 38 years working in health I plan to retire from my job May 8, 2021. I never have felt that we are to stop working to help others and feel led to help bring this technology to the world. How can I get involved? My education is in journalism with a focus in public relations and advertising. In my current job I take medical information and put it in plain language. Please guide me on how I can help. Thank you, Susan Coatsworth 404-308-1901.


    1. Keep sharing the good news Susan and thanks for sharing your healing spirit for our planet in great need. In dian


  3. Angela says:

    It all sounds wonderful and at 65 with copd I Want to be here I want to experience this new life I want to meet President Trump.I have followed him since day 1 .he is a wonderful being with the whole world loving him..will it be long before this happens I do so want to be part of this rebirth .


    1. I heard a timeline of 2 years, but timelines are flexible. 🙂


  4. Dolly Tufton says:

    Oh, please don’t say 2 y?ears. By then we’ll all be in re-education/concentration camps. I’m too old for that.


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