Until you merge with God, you will choose the hard way… you will choose to crawl and sometimes run, on your knees on broken glass… you will spend all your energy trying to assert your ego… your dreams will be of agony… your ideas, all unresolved… with NO God in your life (not exactly a BRIGHT idea), your life is filled with other people’s ideas and problems, and they basically want to control you and you let them… for you have cast yourself aside, you have become a shadow of your own life… your keep your soul hidden in a box you can’t bare to look at… and a whole entire lifestyle based on insecurity, comes to define the false sense of self… actually the senses, you overly rely on them and they fail you all the time… you question all the beautiful parts, and focus like a student on things that are meaningless. Strangely enough, it is through illusion we come to know our true selves and God, if we allow it… however, those who do not want to merge with God, are like students who are stuck in a perpetual grade, until they are finally able to release their childhood stubborn patterns from this and other lifetimes, and to cast all that is false aside, for the ever present authentic moment. Without God, the very simple things become complex impossibilities… without God, we cannot relate to the god within everything and everyone… it makes for a lonely superficial life, and we’ve all been there, certainly the writer of these words… my words are like a hand reaching out in the storm… a storm much stronger and intense that most might realize… this storm will not be forever… God waits for you to realize that when you don’t have faith in god, it creates storms, chaos, war… and a constant need to fill the emptiness inside with other people’s lives… I can see this storm is forcing people to choose… God or nothing.

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