What Happened On December 21st? Beginning Of Golden Age? Did Big Solar Flash Happen? Click Here For Update!

What Happened On December 21st? Beginning Of Golden Age? Did Big Solar Flash Happen? Click Here For Update!

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Some points:

  1. Oh, by the way Yeshua said these words… Yeshua is the spirit of the one of the embodiments of Yeshua/Jesus/Jeshua/ know known as his higher self, Sananda… one of the world teachers for planet earth. View hundreds of his teachings at: http://iamsananda.wordpress.com and https://sananda.website/yeshua-and-ows-via-james-mcconnell-december-20th2020/ to read rest of message.
  2. The galactics say that we are now in the Age of Aquarius… also known as the Golden Age.
  3. The big flash coming from the great central… at least one of the larger ones, has yet to happen, when this happens, humanity will take a huge leap forward in consciousness.
  4. The big flash is ‘still on it’s way’.
  5. December 21st… and the solar flash to come, will both be big boosts to christ consciousness.
  6. Now that we are in the golden age, our planet is first of all, becoming a star and some are already considering our planet to be a new star… me, I’m not so sure, but I know this is this planet’s destiny… to become a star.
  7. I personally didn’t feel much different on December 21, and I asked others, who have said same.
  8. Other effects of December 21st energies will certainly be felt by all in these and all moments to come.
  9. A new age, represents a new direction for humanity… into the GOLD!
  10. Dark night of the soul stuff might be coming up: It might be more uncomfortable and lonely… and conversely all is actually coming together: When everything familiar fails and the person is forced to look deeper, he begins his inner journey (the solitary journey Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem ). This is usually an uncomfortable and lonely time depending upon ones resistance to change.
  11. As humanity merges with gold energy, we heal our DNA and tap into a profound dedication to our soul’s purpose and expression. Trump is an example of how gold = energy.
  12. We can expect the energy of unity to grow increasingly on the planet, and all dark energies are now making their exit.
  13. World Teacher & Friends recent posts:


13. SOME PEOPLE GOT STRONGER AND RENEWED ON THIS DAY! As Jupiter and Saturn show their essence of the New Born Star in your skies, allow yourself to realize that your own Star Essence is Being Reborn within your Hearts. It is a time of great renewal and strength. We feel it is important for us to extend this message unto each of you. https://higherdensity.wordpress.com/2020/12/22/pleiadian-council-of-light-christmas-star-of-the-christed-light-star-essence-cosmic-master-benaatria/

14. There was also a mass meditation which occurred, where people all over the world meditated on Dec. 21, 2020 at 11:11 and a wave of Creator presence spread across the planet. It was intended to create a timeline where humanity is more intensely connected with our Creator. I haven’t heard from any channelers about the results of this, but look forward to hearing more.

15. We made it… you and I are in the golden age… the new age, where things are different… people living in harmony and love… all we gotta do now is let the sunshine OUT! https://www.youtube.com/embed/ILSr9BbhoJQ

16. Perhaps you feel this is a special message, and would like to support World Teacher & Friends initiatives, let’s party! https://www.indianinthemachine.com/product/world-teacher-friends-support/ or paypal: indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

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