1. If I am just nice to everyone, things are going to be alright. (At best you might attract other nice people, due to Law of Attraction… maybe even, lots of nice people…. but then… gulp… perhaps they are standing around avoiding truth, love… maybe everyone has been pretending their entire lives to be nice on the outside, while on the inside they are dying from an inner prison?)

2. Life brings me everything I need if I’m spiritual enough. (In reality, you have to walk to the refrigerator and make food… and you likely had to go shopping for some, most or all of it.)

3. Jesus is always with me. (Jesus was never his real name.. it’s Esu Immanuel and now Sananda… and he can be with you when you are with him… people can’t be with us, when we are not attracting them.)

4. We only have one life to live. (This one incarnation is likely one of several… few if any, came to earth as their first time in a 3D environment. Many here, have trained over several lifetimes, for this special earth mission, which is to ascend from a low version of yourself, to a highest version of yourself, while on a planet that is also doing the same thing.)

5. Earth can’t be in 5D because nothing has changed. (Sometimes everything has changed and you are the last to know… unless you completely surrender your ego to your Higher Self and Creator, how will you ever know? If there is a next step for you to take, someone obviously created the path beforehand correct? The ones creating the path beforehand, is Creator…. and if we do not completely trust in the process, we may stumble… does that resonate?)

6. Spirituality is one thing and politics is another. (Our reality, like all others, is governed by Laws of Cause and Effect… the spiritworld is the cause, and the physical world is the effect. In order for humanity to reverse the process of evolving and into conscious evolution, we must embrace the notion that the spirit world is the cause of the all things experienced in the physical world. We must CREATE OUT OF EVERYTHING, a spiritual world leadership, that harmonizes with the spiritual leadership of the universe, and of course, our Creator.)

7. Going to church is spiritual. (The spirit world is not found in physical objects…the best ‘church’ if you want one, is the inner three-fold flame of the heart: wisdom, power and love… where our presence within, is most fully connected with Creator. A church in the physical world, would be a place where people could merge most fully and completely with Creator supported by the environment, and the people who do not hinder that connection in any way shape, or form.

8. I am not spiritual. (We all come from the spirit world. As we connect to the source of our experiences, that is the spiritual path. There is a non-physical origin to our experiences, and our spirit path involving getting deeper in touch with that.)

9. Humans have a right to be dominators on this planet. (Humans have no rights to do whatever they want, and are now becoming conscious and responsible… have faith in Creator, selves and each other, leads to complete harmony with self, Creator and others.)

10. I must accept my flaws for that is who I am. (At the spiritual level we are light, and are thus, not flawed. Our soul incarnates in bodies sometimes ‘flawed’ or with ‘great challenges’, in order for us to learn, and thus, evolve. Look at it this way, if we came here in perfect bodies, to a perfect planet and nothing bad happened, you wouldn’t have much first hand experience of learning. On earth… we are essentially born into lives that would challenge us into either choosing death, or to choose life. The flaws are there, chosen mostly at pre-birth, as a learning curriculum… you don’t need to attach to your flaws, just like you would not want to attach to a class in high school. We be able to focus on what is beyond the perceived flaw… and to be able to perceive the light, which is ever-changing… the fire within becomes brighter as we master the lessons, towards fullest soul embodiment. You are not your flaws… just like when you are in math class, you are not your math class… it’s just an experience of learning. Love, Indian

Bonus: Your life is filled with thoughts that you are unworthy. (You are simply shedding the 3D version of yourself, that experiences itself as flawed, unloved, unworthy, unsupported, underappreciated etc….. or you are not ready to experience worthiness and might take those lessons into the next lifetimes of soul evolution.)

Bonus: When you truly have figured things out, your frown by then is upside down…. love you… you are likely doing much better than you think are you doing… keep on with the process, onward to victory.

The pain will be a catalyst for great spiritual learning… enjoy THE PROCESS, and remember you are loved beyond measure or comprehension. Love, Indian I feel everyone needs to see this!! The Process by Sanat Kumara https://www.indianinthemachine.com/2020/12/30/galactic-federation-of-light-set-to-include-earth-heres-the-process-via-sanat-kumara-solar-logos/ and this… https://scontent.fyyc5-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/s960x960/132302237_3506694972780276_7424792666122608897_o.jpg?_nc_cat=100&ccb=2&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=blzCJ_MTdKQAX8H3yq4&_nc_ht=scontent.fyyc5-1.fna&tp=7&oh=484cc7fa3be71abc63b5e864b7cacaa6&oe=60111AC1 LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION https://hatonnspeaksthetruth.wordpress.com/the-laws-of-god-and-the-creation/ You realize how challenging it is to wake up… you realize how challenging it is to wake other people up, you realize how challenging it would be to wake people up, with or without support. You appreciate posts like this, during this crucial time, and want to make an extra effort to do a gift exchange, and that is just beautiful:https://www.indianinthemachine.com/product-category/christs-table/gift-and-support/ and for paypal: indianinthemachine@yahoo.ca

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