All this struggle is about getting over lack of self love, and the ideas of those, who benefit from the re-organization of humanity to suit dark energies. The truth sets us free, because with the truth we can re-organize into exponential mutual benefits… and POW!

What is in the needle is something that was never put in the needle before… they want our blood contaminated towards total control.

The lie, that does not exist, is our biggest stumbling block.

As humanity dedicates itself to christ within self and soul presence… it will meet Jesus (Sananda). His return is not a rescue mission. It’s a love mission.

Yes extraterrestrials are taking over… it’s time for humanity to watch and learn.

Humanity didn’t want God, so it’s getting more whar… then it will want God.

The split between humanity is necessary for us to unify.

Love, Indian

Indian’s Spirit Shop Updated January 2021.

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