Thanks To Those Sending Loving Support At This Crucial Time… I Have Two Gifts For You!!

Greetings… thanks to those who have been sending loving support at this crucial time… this is the time to truly put all truthers ahead of other people’s needs and wants, which often come from ego, including a constant need for entertainment, need for recreation, need to maintain social status, need to main false sense of self, need to maintain a life based on slavery, and a need to maintain a life that has a low fundamental basis in truth… without truthers and the truth, the evolution of humanity does stagnate and stall.

I have two gifts for you:

  1. A sharing of sister Barbara’s prophecy. Sister Barbara Receives Prophecy January 13, 2021: Red Army Will Be Invaders And The People’s Republic Of China!
  2. I will be sending you a special gift via email, which will arrive the by the end of the month.

Your assistance ensures that I can continue to do my important work for humanity and when it’s heartfelt help, it all comes back to you in multiplied returns one way or the other… let’s be rich in spirit, together! Love, Indian

Two ways to help:



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