The ones who cannot support truth, cannot support anything original, authentic and true… all they can do is feed on garbage like a parasite in a dump. They are scared of truth, and therefore they are scared of love. They feast on their own rotting. They are most scared of the truth… like a seed that is afraid of the sun, because it’s too much, too soon… they bury their heads and hearts into the ground, and can’t understand why they are always getting screwed. They think God is a luxury they can not afford. They “think” all the time because they have trouble feeling. They are scared of discomfort. They are mentally ill. They put on the façade that everything is fine, and they are in charge, but in reality, all that they have, is based on a lie. They speak in whispered tones behind the ones who share truth. They say to each other, “don’t listen to that one”… “that one has problems”… because the truth, seems to be bring problems… but in reality, truth only uncovers problems, and is the solution to problems. The untruthers expend their energy faking self and thus, faking love, and they enjoy being with others who fake self and love as well. The untruthers are addicted to trust of professionals. The untruthers don’t like research, they are the poorest students in the class. The untruther isn’t a bad person… no, not at all, but the untruther has found an illusionary sense of comfort in the devil… they like to think that no one notices that they don’t believe in anything or anyone, unless it doesn’t exist… they happily put their allegiance into things that are of no consequence, other than for their own creature comfort benefits. The untruthers attract death like it’s a virtue. The untruthers have relationships that are fake. Untruthers relationships are based on societal norms and lack authenticity. The untruthers don’t sing, they listen to liars sing. Untruthers don’t write poetry, they can only repeat someone else’s words. Untruthers don’t serve God. Untruthers are experts in imitation, and they are scared of originality. The untruther rarely if ever, admits they are ever wrong, because that would shake the foundation of their fake lifestyle, and they might discover that they are not small at all, but bigger than their ego could ever admit. The untruthers are now being led to their early graves… and they refuse to admit it, and they hope others will do the same… they hope others will join them in their misery, and like zombies, they share needles to kill the blood, and they share shovels to dig their own graves. This is the only way they know… they have never risked truly living, because to them, that would main failure of everything they project to the world, and they would rather die than be found out, to have been fake all along, especially when they spent their entire life, shutting out the light of God.

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SOURCE CREATOR SAYS: I would like to ask you please, stay and do your work here as expected, because right now a lot is at stake, the whole Galaxy is watching and waiting to see, if Ascension on Earth is going to happen. It’s very important that Ascension Process to fifth dimension is going to be completed on this planet or otherwise the Galaxy is in danger, if something happens to Earth, and the planet is not going to be able to go through the Ascension Process, it’s going to effect the rest of the Galaxy in a very negative way.

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