The purpose of Christ is to hold the energy of christ consciousness for the planet, and to help people connect with their inner christ. The purpose of Christ is not to do the dirty work for the masses, so that the masses in stay in perpetual ignorance, powerlessness and fear. Christ can’t do his job to the best of his ability, if Christ’s friends ride his coattails while dancing to the tunes of the anti-christ. The purpose of Christ is not to see that people are not disturbed from the creature comforts that keep people possessed, distracted and disassociated, while benefiting from the continued pain and suffering of the world’s miscreations. Christ is not the sort of friend that you can live a lie, with. Christ is the friend that will always be able to offer helpful guidance to his friends who are likely partially spiritually blind, and to stay on the narrowest of roads while walking from the dark to light, and in this lifetime, this is one of the greatest challenges of all previous incarnations. Look at your sharings on social media to see if God and Christ are nowhere to be found, and if the lies of the adversary are given priority, and you’ll have an idea where you are at.

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