Maitreya Planetary Christ Has A Message For Planet Earth!! Direction Of This Planet’s Journey Is Now Under My Responsibility!

January 28, 2021

Maitreya – I LOVE YOU ALL

Dear children of planet Earth! I AM MAITREYA!

As perhaps not everyone knows, the direction of this planet’s journey is now under my responsibility. Sananda is carrying out new missions, expanding the power of Light in the Universe, continuing his extremely loving capacity, which he has to modify the environment around him. But insistently already said here, nothing changes, because his heart will always be linked to this planet. All inhabitants have his spark in their hearts. So nothing changes. There is no distance. The concept of time and space is a concept of three-dimensionality, above, this concept does not exist. So there is no distance, there is no separation, nothing that prevents them from always having him by their side.

Fulfilling this mission on this planet is a great honor for me. For in this way, I will also be able to fulfill the purposes of my soul. And be sure; that we all vibrate in the same thought, we vibrate in the same idea, in the same point. There is no difference in thinking. There is an objective to be achieved by every soul in the Universe, regardless of the mission it has to fulfill. I have my goals, but above my goals are the goals of the planet Earth, of Gaia. Gaia also has a history. Gaia also has missions to complete. Gaia also has goals to achieve. So my role as Planetary Christ, is to lead this planet so that it reaches the point that it needs to reach within the Universe.

A lot will change, once you move to the Fifth Dimension. This planet will no longer be isolated from other evolved planets. You will be part of many councils, you will have a voice, you will have an opinion. Then a new moment is drawn for this planet, for those who lead it. The concept of leaders as they are today will no longer exist. Each one will have responsibility for those around him, but not in the sense of power, not in the sense of being better than anyone, because everyone will be equal, everyone will have the same rights. There will be no more hunger, no more wars, no more people in need. Nobody will suffer anymore.

So right now, my role will be to lead this planet on this path. Guide your leaders so that they learn to live in a great Galactic society. A lot will change. You will be trained to protect your planet. You never bothered with it, because you were always under the control of those who were here, so no one came here. Now you are free, but as freed beings, you now need to protect yourself, you need to learn to keep yourself protected from future attacks.

Being part of the Galactic Federation will be essential for the inhabitants of this planet. That’s how it works. Everyone takes care of everyone. Then there will be patrols, there will be fleet bases here on your planet and you will have all the necessary technology to protect it. Do not think that everything can come back, no; because those who dominated you, dominated in a very low dimension. There are no domains in the high dimensions. But there may be attacks, but let’s say that this is also not common, because everyone is very well trained to prevent this from happening.

We don’t live in war. The Universe does not live in war. We are a very peaceful universe, for the love of Father / Mother God. When those who provoke these wars flee their low density dimensions, everyone is alerted and they are immediately fought. So do not expect that you will live looking at the sky for fear of an attack, because it will not happen; but they are all part of the same process, so protection must exist, preparation must exist. And you as humans will have your part to do, keeping your vibrations always high and keeping the planet’s vibration ever higher.

You will have years of gold, years of abundance, of prosperity , of peace. And the time will come when your minds will not remember what they lived long ago. It will be like a bad memory, of something you want to forget, nothing will be reminding you of what you lived. The adaptation to the new dimension, the new rules, the new forms of food, the new forms of housing, the new ways of working and living, will be gradual. Very slowly you will be guided and will adapt gradually, nothing will be at once.

It is a process never before experienced in the Universe, but we have planned and tested it within the Timeline and you will be able to get out of it all, easily. As long as you have love, respect and vibrate all those feelings pertinent to the Fifth Dimension. Even those who have a hard time staying high will be treated. You will go through many learning processes; like big schools, where you will level up, with each challenge won. And everyone will have the wisdom and expertise to live in the Fifth Dimension fully, without emanating any kind of low-vibration feeling.

So don’t worry, don’t think that you will not be able to live in this New World. Right now, just wanting, just wanting to be in this New World and prepare for it – have a big heart, a heart empty of feelings that can hinder the journey of each of you. Everything is going exactly as we planned. Nothing is off the plan. So just believe in the Light. LIGHT WON! And let yourself be carried away by this powerful flow, at every step, every minute, every day. Don’t worry about tomorrow, worry about the here and now. For it is in the here and now, that you have to keep your vibrations aloft, because there is no moment, there is no determination of when it will happen, it may be in a second.

So, staying balanced, firm, confident here, now, in the present, is the great wisdom. So don’t worry: when will it be, or how will it be? Always think about the following: everything that Father / Mother God does is full love, so He would never make a transition that was distressing, that would make you unable to live it. Everything has been planned, tested and retested many times; and we are sure of 100% success. So the concern (if I can put it as a concern), because when you live in the here and now there is no concern, there is only living, there is only the confidence of that moment, that moment of time.

So always be prepared. With each fall, get up and balance again. Do not judge yourself, do not condemn yourself that you are still making mistakes, making mistakes is part of learning. You just have to be aware of not repeating them, but live the here and now. Always keeping in your mind that The Light Won, and you are striding towards the final moment of the Ascension of this planet. I am here for everyone. In the same way that you call Sananda, as the Christ, his figure here on Earth as Jesus, you can call me, which I will also promptly answer.

We are Beings of Light. There is no jealousy, there is no hierarchy. We all flow in the love of Father / Mother God, and it is this love that I want, that I pass on to each of you. I don’t need to learn to love you, because I already love you, each one of you. And precisely because I am the Planetary Christ, I am already tied to each one of you. So make sure that my energy and my spark is already in your heart. It is enough now that you allow it, that it shine and that it increases more and more, as you learn to love me.

Anjos e Luz Terapias

Translation Luce Light




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There is an Office or Position of responsibility in The Hierarchy which is called The World Teacher. It is also called The Office of The Christ Consciousness, and The Lofty Being Who holds that Office is always The Chohan or Lord of The 2nd Ray for this planet. The 2nd Ray or Aspect of The Creator of this universe is virtually The Energy of The Love of God for all of its creations. Master Djwhal Khul (The Tibetan) calls The 2nd Ray “Love/Wisdom”. It is the teaching Ray, and The Initiate Members of The 2nd Ray Department of The Hierarchy are the great spiritual teachers who have walked amongst Humankind. They are also called The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe.

The current World Teacher for this planet is That One Who is called Lord Kuthumi, and He oversees the work, the great projects, and the teaching programs of The Brotherhood of the Golden Robe, which could be considered His Ashram. He will be becoming very prominent in the Collective Consciousness of Humankind in the future and wishes to be known more widely. That is one of the things that I’ve come to do. Please see “Who Is Kuthumi?“.


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