The sheep have been tramped stamped for a long time: vaccines, fluoride accumulated in pineal and pituitary glands, anything that is unloving is a mark of the beast. There are imprints not only physical, there are emotional imprints, mental imprints, and spiritual imprints. People carry all sorts of tracking devices, and some people literally cannot live a day without their personal tracking bugging device. Each living lifeform is intended to be labeled, sorted, filed and stored. The latest vaccine serum for the druggies of a dead generation, comes with a system that enables it to identify the recipient. The beast already has decided who will live and who will die… there are big plans, that meet little resistance. People focus more on the beast’s plans than God’s Divine plan… and that too, is yet another mark… the marks are many, people have been tramp stamped with marks visible and invisible, as early as birth. Tattoos are sometimes a way of the reptilians to mark their territory… oh, betcha some didn’t see that one coming!

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