Problems Come From Soul Distancing!

Your voice is more significant than my voice, to you, because your voice can express who you are. Who you are, is unique, and thus, you offer Light in a combo that no one else does. Isn’t that an incredible gift in itself? Our souls must come together in order to unify, and we can call each other with our voices. Our hearts can never say the wrong thing. You can merge with God by the sound of your voice. Merging with God and god within is key from here on… solutions are soul-utions. Look at the how the news spins people away from the soul… only our souls can fully hear the answers to our prayers… only our souls are fully in truth. There is nothing inherently scary or repulsive about anybody’s pure light. People really got no choices… it’s to be soulful, or to be deleted. All the problems come from soul distancing!

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