Divine Plan For The Next Few Months: Cooperation Between Planet, Governments, Divine And Gaia Is Needed!

 Divine plan for the next few months via Linda Li

February 6, 2021

Dear children of my heart, I am your Mother God, the Mother of all creation. I come to share news with you.The planet earth is ascending nicely and comfortably. Gaia has been uplifted and now the effort is focusing on her physical body which is Mother Earth. Mother Earth started her serious releasing process. You can see from the weather pattern changes and natural happenings. Mother Earth’s changes will be the main theme for the next phase. Mother Earth changes will occur in all regions on the planet. Some countries and regions will have the changes sooner than others. All will be according to Gaia’s plan and the plan is already in motion. Gaia has been selecting the areas where she wants the changes to happen soon. Gaia has the changes planned in such a way that she can have all the planet and humanity taking turns going through changes without causing too many interruptions and huge damage. Gaia knows the planet and she has sensitivity in her mind and heart. She also knows what is urgent and the changes that need to happen sooner rather than later. the Countries that Gaia has planned to have changes happen soon are those countries that have the ocean fronts and Gaia’s ocean waters that need replenished. Gaia has the plan already and that is what she will start next.Gaia’s oceans will have tremendous changes in the upcoming time dear ones. Ocean marine life needs to be reconfigured and rebuilt in some cases. Gaia also knows that there are regions on the planet that have to go under water. These regions, big or small, have to be emptied out before the changes can happen. The Divine will work with Gaia and the regions to cooperate in the process so that the souls in these regions can be safely migrated or stay away from the ocean if needed.Gaia has plans for the regions where the ocean waters will need to change or rebuild. There are some areas on the planet where the waters have been deeply contaminated and that has to be fixed. Gaia has the plan either to have the waters changed or completely removed from these regions. And that process will need to start sooner rather than later. According to Gaia’s plan, areas and regions, where the waters will be completely removed, will have the populations moved around so that the work can be done. And that also needs the cooperation between the planet and countries and the Divine and Gaia. Now Gaia has asked Divine to intervene so that the process can get underway. The Divine is planning the steps and starting the cooperation process soon as the Divine government begins. Right now, we, the Divine still need to get the Divine government started and that process is still a work in progress. According to the Divine calendar, the Divine plan is to have the Divine government installed in the upcoming months. Once the installation process is completed, and the Divine will start the landing and anchoring step and that may take somewhere between a few weeks or months. So we are looking at six months to a year to have the Divine government set up. Once the Divine government is in place, Gaia’s plan will be in full force and Mother Earth’s big changes will begin.Besides Gaia’s plan for the planet and humanity, we, the Divine is also working to have the Divine Team ready so that when the process begins, all of our Divine Team members will be ready for their duties. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother Divine. Gaia’s rebuilding process is going to take some serious time and efforts. We, the Divine have planned out every step and so has Gaia. The planet and humanity will need to be flexible. Serious lifestyle changes will have to happen. The planet needs serious replenishment and rebuilding. Humanity too, will have to rebuild its social structures and societies and all systems will have to function according to Gaia’s rules of laws and the spiritual laws. Human existence will have a whole new meaning. The level of enlightenment will have to match up with the New Earth, Gaia’s renewed Mother Earth. The entire system of living and survival will have to be upgraded so that on Gaia’s new earth, all lives will be treated with respect and reverence. Human life and animals will be equally important and live in harmony. All lives will flourish. All sentient beings are equally loved and respected. All Gaia’s children are created equally and will be in reality as well. I love you dear angels on earth. Gaia’s precious angels, you are loved indeed. I am your Divine Mother, I am here with you. So it is.

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