What parts of your body need healing right now…? What parts of our emotions remain hidden, unhealed, suppressed? What parts of the healed parts of us, can join with the unhealed parts in another? Do you long to spend more time and presence with our Creator? Feel a deeper merging in all our hearts… new territory, even. Our hearts have been together before, because from the One, is where we all have journ-eyed from. I, and others can join with you to support you in your mastery of self healing… feel our energy and be the master that you are… be filled with new light, going to neglected areas… those parts of us, in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical are now planted with the seeds of golden light of restoration… violet flame of transmutation… and luminous white light of Creator… afterwards we remain present for inspiration that may follow… perhaps or not, leading towards power and gentle action. We remind ourselves from the spiritual comes the physical, in a relationship of ’cause’ and ‘effect’. What a beautiful time to heal neglected areas of life! The healer within us, heals the unhealed. Bravo… through the pain, you are persevering… in the silence, stillness, and presence, can we rebirth, a purified version of self. Love, Indian

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