The outer world needs gentle reminding of how to respect, support, and nurtured the healers of the world… as well as those needing healing. If you don’t support the healers, how are those needing healing, going to be assisted? The outer world needs the inner world within us, to ground in a new relationship with the healed, the unhealed, and the healer. Create a world, where the healers shine, and bask in that glow. The healers don’t come at you, with a needle while pinning you against the wall. The healers don’t force themselves upon others, as a form of healing. The healers will share their wisdom, that comes from God. You can be skeptical of God, but how’s that going to work out? Remember how great it feels to have faith in our Creator, who is always ready, able, willing and is never separate from us. Creator will be with us as we fall, and as we rise… the healers are key to the upliftment of humanity… we have a chance to be immortal in these bodies… why settle for dangerous needles… when nature has everything to heal us… let’s not be foreign to this planet. Let’s not be tourists on our home turf. May the healer within us, join with the healer with mother earth, the company of Heaven, our angels and guides. Let’s be good hosts on this planet, for as humanity heals, so then, do we receive visitation from off-earthers. Love, Indian

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