Humanity’s WTF Moments Coming Hard And Strong Now… But Let’s Choose To Be A Free World Together!!

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Indeed the love is naturally exciting to the stillness within us. I feel the changeover to the American republic will trigger nesara and gesara, because the old financial system is based on corporate America which was said to have expired on Jan. 20th. It is said that divine world government begins to ‘come online’ in 2020… so if that’s the case, it would likely come at the same time as nesara/gesara, names used in association with a new financial system for america and the world. Perhaps you may be noticing a quickening of events… everything happening more towards everything at once. Before we get to all this great stuff, there’s still a releasing of pent up anger, frustration, rage, etc., and we can see the ring of fire, is also leading the way for the releasing of mother earth. In the releasing of mother earth, there is going to be a mixing of energies… migrations from all over the coastlines, particularly in the ring of rire, but also elsewhere. Mother earth is basically done, with the old way humans are doing things on her body… we remember what a gift it is to be here on mother earth’s body… and remind ourselves to not get swept up in the old way of living and being. Waves of light and dark are swimming around us… which waves do we want to really connect with? If you want to know a shortcut it is this… what people are seeking as they scramble, watch, observe, trip, fall, and transition from their bodies, is the light within… it’s a shortcut. Our society… how we have chosen to be governed, is showing us all how dense much but not all of our leadership has been, and is. We need to see this… we need to see those children who have been living in the underground bases… we need to see the horror that we supported with our silence and ignorance…we need to see all, if it needs releasing within us. We need to also see, and support, a new refreshed and renewed version of self and others, including all leadership… this whole needle mask thing has gone too far… God gave us immune systems… isn’t that good enough? I believe you and me, want to support each other’s health and not illhealth… we can’t afford to be nor support each other, in perpetual illness… it’s a luxury to get junk and expect the world to pay the price, it’s a luxury and a delusion that everybody odes anyone’s ego anything! Now, it’s obvious that certain leaders are trustworthy and others need to be locked up for crimes of all sorts… things are about to get pretty serious in this area… there will be waves of human energy coming up to be released, mother earth’s volcanos and earthquakes are in record high activities, the financial system isn’t exactly solid, but I’m told there won’t be worldwide collapse all at once. Certain things have to play out on this planet, no matter what humans want… isn’t it wonderful that we have this opportunity, to ‘get ‘er right this time’… and to embrace the energies that are here now, and are similar to the energies, of Lemuria which is looking like it’s rising in the south pacific, and Atlantis, of which prophecies say is also rising from the ocean. Now, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if there’s a three days of darkness moment sooner than later… then, there’s also the blinding flash, which may be associated with three days of darkness, or a galactic flash, which will have a high degree of ‘wakey wakey’ energy to it. Some humans are going to have to wake up now really fast, and you know how that is, when you wake up jolted out of bed…. but it’s like that… the house is on fire people… the house is on fire… what’s it going to be? Wanna get to safety… and maybe rescue a few dear souls along the way? Well… it’s one thing to rescue someone, it’s quite another to carry someone, who is able to walk. Choose wisely… so many want to control each other… don’t be distracted by another’s egoic world, when our spirits desire and deserve our attention… because the spirit is the cause, and the physical is the effect, that’s why. Love, Indian

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