1. Your community is in a state of emergency, and you distract yourself from doing your part, leaving the elderly and the children, vulnerable, while congratulating yourself, cause you’ve got better things to do.
2. You can’t stand being away from your tv or other people’s thoughts, in fact, you likely have more than one tv, and/or are scared of being alone.
3. You hide behind a shell of who you truly are, because you feel your society will favour you more.
4. You can’t bring yourself to choose responsibility over entertainment, even as a technocractic prison is built all around you, you will basically say, ‘oh well, what can I do’.
5. You are determined to be the best version of what other people think of you, even if it’s an illusion.
6. You lack having your own dreams, and prefer to live a life that others control.
7. You are competitive with God.
8. You claim to love yourself, but are afraid of standing up for yourself… in fact, you’re just plain afraid of yourself.
9. You fill your mind with other people’s thoughts, and have less time for your own spirit.
10. You tend to believe the official stories, and find comfort in propaganda, and in fact, you have trouble telling the difference between truth and propaganda, and don’t really care one way or the other.
11. You have little interest in fulfilling your purpose for being on planet earth, and prefer to ‘look busy’ instead.

Bonus: No room at the inn? The Christ can never be born into a consciousness that is already filled with three dimensional beliefs and this phase of the journey is represented by “no room at the inn”, Says Arcturian Group

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