Imagine the power, wisdom and love that will radiate, as we cleanse ourselves of the old world… this is akin to a rebirthing. Why try to hang on to a crumbling building in freefall? Why try to improve the rain? Why choose harmful technology just because? Are you completely urbanized to harmful tech, and thus, held in bondage? Why live as a human imitating others without thinking? If all that is so great, where’s the party? Look to the primal humans… the ones that are NOT eating what the masses are eating! As was said earlier, the prison bars are definitely in the food. Prison bars made to be tasty are still prison bars. Ever truly wonder why all the poisons are the cheapest and most readily available, and thus, most culturally accepted? Does the primal within, really want to live in a constantly decaying body that is always breaking down in one form or another? Celebrate that as the mainstream food supply chains breakdown, they will replaced with diets that will truly heal. There is much to learn, even if consider yourself to be at an advanced level. Make that commitment, to make more primal food choices… you certainly are worth it… but are you truly ready to stop tasting those prison bars, walk out the prison, and grow yourself into the most exciting version of yourself? I know many are weary of these days… but just know the lotus blooms in the slime, and so too, shall humans rebirth in the swamp! All those nasty food choices… that’s the swamp… and yuck… it leaves it’s mark on us, and we can’t wash it off. The mark of the beast, is found in your daily food habits, that are unhealthy and yet you seem to be stuck… addicted to nasty chemicals that make food more marketable. Meanwhile somewhere in the jungles all over the world, there are people eating coconuts… and they are very healthy and have nice teeth. If you want to know if the local food is good, just count how many dentists are in town… the more dentists, the more the food is crap.

A latest primal smoothie, I’m enjoying is this:-

some pieces of whole cucumber

-whole organic lemon slices including everything.

-raw honey-optional: chia


Add everything to your desire in blender. I can feel the lemon pectin, pull toxins out of my body… my blood cleaning… lymph happier… fresher mouth. A channeling I had said ‘lemon powder’ is a hint… and so the entire lemon is shall be from now on! People have not been getting the whole food… remember, even lemon juice is technically, a processed food. Important if you want to be free: Fruit juices are processed foods. Isn’t that exciting?

Love, Indian


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