If You Like Salty Foods You May Have Inflammed Liver… Here Is A Remedy!!

If You Like Salty Foods You May Have Inflammed Liver… Here Is A Remedy!!

After reading messages from Jim dialoguing with Hilarion, and the other fantastic messages… I feel even better equipped to rebuild my body and detox from the modern world… so grateful for Kuthumi-hands website… this is the real deal peeps… if you have had to live with constant illness, these messages help to really comprehend why it’s happening. I too, have been dealing with the ‘early breakdown’ of my body, and only recently are on much more solid footing. I enjoy salty foods… but I also have inflammed liver… that sorta thing… raw food blessings! Love, Indian



Blend slices of whole lemon including rind.


Slices of Cucumber

Olive or Coconut oil

Blend ingredients in portions suitable to you, together at room temperature, but no more than 1 tsp of olive oil per half litre, to keep all ingredients more in balance.  Olive oil is best cold-processed and of course, organic, and is an oil with an extreme level of cleansing ability.  Animal oils, avocado… coconut oils have more of a regenerative effect.

Love, Indian


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