As Volcanic And Earthquake Activity Reaches All-time High… Review These Earth Changes Maps!!

May this map be brought to the eyes of those seeking spiritual guidance as earth faces unprecedented earth changes.

I was told by a spiritual source, that these changes would not happen overnight but would take many years.. however, that being said, things are about to kick off soon, and certainly if you research you will find that volcanic and earthquake activities are at all time highs.

The zetas have suggested to us that Japan major earth shifts, are going to trigger movement of the north american creton pushing eastward, trigging a new madrid fault movement, and after that, everything pushes a major tsunami towards Europe.

They also speak of Texas flooding during this time, because of certain parts on low land.

The Mississippi river changing direction.

How’s Vegas looking… do you think the Hoover dam will make it through this?

Peeps… the way humanity has been living is simply over.

Humanity will need to have a different set of values to make it through these times.

There will be plenty of opportunities for caring, sharing, love, and we will make energy for the presence of God in all aspects of our lives.

This means God in: industry, commerce, trade, retail, food production and service, tourism, energy, education, media, news, entertainment, music and so forth.

If you want a good return on our energy, invest it with moments that create more God presence on this planet… in our daily lives.

The old world is almost an echo…

The new world is here.

The changes upon the earth, will be sending strong messages to humanity, to ‘get real’.

To ‘get real’ is to be present and in balance with our divinity, our humanity and all other lifeforms.

Mother earth only wants humans on her body, who can live in balance with her.

Mother earth loves everyone but not everyone can remain on her.

Have no fear, when you are guided by our Creator.

Our Creator and mother earth are in charge, here.

Mother earth is now releasing negative energy, and it will require migration movements all over the planet. Pack light, be light, dear ones.

Love, Indian


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