This species needs to get to know this planet’s air, including what oxygen is, what carbon dioxide is, and what the planes are dumping on us, for starters… we can’t let fake stories of earth, air, fire and water, mess with our greatness and our fullest potential. Our species cannot afford to live like our lies, are the truth. Truth is love, and a lie doesn’t exist… and corporations don’t exist either, except in our minds, yet we give those imaginings all the power, and let the voice of the humanity within us go unspoken and unsung. Can we see that fresh air is freedom, and poisoned air, is slavery? Our planet is at war with earth, air, fire and water. There is a war inside of many of us that seeks familiar fairytales, over harsh realities. Many want to be told happy lies, rather than bitter truths. We are given dopamine hits, to feel safer in a crowd of zombies, rather than in a tiny pod of kindred spirits. There is no safety in a crowd that does not know what it is, what it is doing, where it is going, and why it behaves the ways that are inhumane. May humanity learn that truth is an ultimate dopamine hit, and the untruths don’t actually feel deeply good at all. Don’t wait for the crowd to value you, because maybe that crowd doesn’t value itself. In all realness, do you realize the mystery needle may be creating literal zombies… how comfy will that crowd be for the living? Find ways to relate to earth, air, fire and water, like our healthy ancestors… they lived to show us what collectively we have forgotten.

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