The age of anti-biotics is over! It’s over as we merge with life. (Vax, prescription, insecticides, herbicides, GMO, to suppress natural immunity.) Face it, there has been prescription level amounts in the foods sold, substances against life… background levels and constant… ensuring every bite of food, is a war against our natural vitality. There are substances in our blood that do not belong there… humanity must learn to value clean blood… isn’t it fantastic to have an awareness that allows one to progress forward into a primal diet. We have to create economy for foods that do not poison each other, and the animals and the land, and the air, and the soil. I wonder what horrible components are created when foods covered in these anti-biotics saturating the world’s food supply are burned by fire? Can you feel the value of envisioning the post anti-biotic age? Love, Indian

Learn about one man’s health stories, as he rediscovers the primal diet, under the guidance of Hilarion and others.

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