Important Update! Divine Plan And Divine Team Members Have Changed

I thought you might want to see this message from Mother God and Linda Li, which discusses changes in the Divine Plan. Apparently many of those who signed contracts to lead humanity as part of the Divine team, are either not awake or are jamming out, which includes a significant percentage. There is a call out to replace those ones, with others who are willing to do the work. Qualities for Divine team members are discussed including: communication, critical thinking skills, service to Higher powers, devotion, 100% willing to serve Divine Mother Father God and your Divine mission, learning and sharing earth changes info., skill, determination, pure love and heart, dedication, loyalty to mother earth and to the Divine plan, wisdom, emotional and spiritual maturity, willing to represent soul group and mother earth, personal strength and willingness to serve, fortitude. It is important to highlight that those with personal agendas do disqualify themselves, for example, if you put your family or personal agendas above your soul group, the Divine, and the planet, you really don’t have what it takes to ‘fill the job position’. People who feel they are willing to serve at a high level, are encouraged to ‘apply for the job’ because the original job applicants are not going to fulfill those positions.

You may wish to see: A message from The Galactic Federation: Why many “lightworkers” aren’t working for the “light” at all.

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2 thoughts on “Important Update! Divine Plan And Divine Team Members Have Changed

  1. What is the difference between what your doing in this article than what a preacher/pastor does when he passes out the contribution baskets and stares at his congregation to impose a guilt feeling?


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