I, Who understand everything in the Universe, do not really understand how some of my children are hard-hearted to others…

While You Are on Earth… | Heavenletters

God said:

I, Who understand everything in the Universe, do not really understand how some of my children are hard-hearted to others, perhaps deliberately hard-hearted without regard for the feelings of others —  as if I have never spoken about generosity from your heart to your neighbors and brothers and sisters.

This is especially confusing to Me when the same people acknowledge My Presence in their lives. As preposterous as it seems, there are even Heavenreaders who sometimes lapse into pride so they have the power to bend the branches of their relationships. Knowing better than others and feeling your superiority is one way wars get started.

Certainly, I don’t mean to suggest you are supposed to kowtow to others. What I am speaking of is when you may be making a choice that may not benefit anyone, least of all, yourself. Perhaps your life could move forward in a different and better direction. This is your call.

When you leave a relationship and you must castigate the person you break with, I say, if you must leave, leave in good grace. You don’t have to rationalize your leaving. You don’t have to be so sure that you have all the answers and are justified when you are unkind. It’s not okay for you to judge and leave heartache in your wake.

As I said, a policeman may have to arrest someone, yet he does not have to be derogative to the person he is arresting. The policeman is not to develop a swelled head. He is not the master of the world. He is not supposed to blast anyone nor make himself the King and make someone else an unworthy subject.

If you are a customer of a store and are discontent, you are free to trade at another store. You don’t have to leave in a huff.

You don’t have to broadcast your leaving and influence others to follow you as well. It is not for you to attempt to create a mass exodus. Be careful about taking a position when you and all concerned could be free.

Leave a friend, if you must, yet leave without insult. Don’t making a production of leaving as you would in a great drama.

Many on Earth have made a fuss and been proud of it. Making a fuss is nothing to be proud of, dear ones. You are not virtuous to desire to defame another.

No one is to be a sitting duck for you to take pot shots at. Be great, not small. We spoke once before about having the last word. Really, do you want to leave an ugly last word? Is this what you would truly like to leave as your last impression?

If you must leave a relationship, leave then. Do not flounce off. Let your signature spell out good will.

As I said, if you are a policeman who has to arrest someone, make the arrest. A good policeman can be courteous. He certainly doesn’t have to be offensive. A policeman is a policeman, not the judge and jury.

Nor does the arrested person do well to offend the policeman. Where is right-mindedness? Where is common sense?

You can treat everyone well. It is not for My children to kick others around. This is not the song I sing to you.

If you are a teacher, and you see no choice but to send a troubled student to the office, then do it. You do not mock the student nor do you look for your own cheering section. You send the child to the office. Nor does the child sent to the office have the right to jeer at you.

You may be unable to love everyone. This is no surprise to you. The least you can be is courteous. You are capable. It is weakness to give into what amounts to your peeves. It is strength to free the world and yourself from hasty error. Love while you are on Earth. Bless. Care. Bear fruit.

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