Jesus Is Likely No Longer A Physical Being And Has Evolved Beyond Our Comprehension!

    1.  Phoenix Journal #1 was given to humanity as a fiction story, but in reality holds great truths.  It is called, “Sipapu Odyssey” and is one of the greatest stories, written loosely in the form of a movie script.  I have recited the speech that the Christ figure shares with humanity.
    2. In the scenes regarding the future gathering on earth, that involves space beings, angels, a christ and others, take the microphone and give messages of guidance for humanity, that is about to go through big earth changes.  A recent spiritual channeling revealed around 50% of Sipapu still holds great relevance.
    3. Now get this!  In Sipapu, the Christ being basically materializes, as an etheric being!
    4. A recent channeling of Jesus Christ aka Sananda, reveals that he WILL NOT be coming back in PHYSICAL form!  Sananda says he is here, and always with us, however, is not coming back in the physical.  This leaves the door open so to speak, that it is possible for ‘returns’ of an etheric nature, again, stressing that he’s here in spirit, and through his great teachings… and that he is alive in our hearts.
    5. Sananda mentions that we have a new planetary Christ. 
    6. The picture used in the message below is from Phoenix Journal #2, and is said to be an authentic photograph of Sananda who appeared to archeologists in Mexico in 1963….”he appeared in tangible form”… does this mean physical form, or something else? Or maybe Sananda’s graduation has happened between then and now, where by Sananda’s service to humanity, that he has risen into a non-physical dimension.
    7. Since Sananda can be in many places at once, this to me suggests he’s existing in a reality that is not limited by physicality.
    8. So relax, Sananda is not taking off… he’s not buzzing off into a new corner of Creation… he is simply someone very special who will live in our hearts forever, and he’s evolved beyond our comprehension. 
    9. These are the Phoenix Journals that are suggested to begin with along with Sipapu Odyssey (PJ #1).:
      First Journals To Read
      235727 & 47


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