What Can You Do, As People You Know Take The J(a)b!

Dear galactic family of earth,

We are learning about how to move from a sick earthly human, into a galactic spiritual human… this IS the healing path! As sick humans we learn that there are many tricks being used to keep us down. The sick propaganda comes at all levels, and if one is constantly bombarded and has little ability to critically think, it can result in unfortunate health circumstances. It can be disheartening to see people you know make dangerous choices like taking the jab… here’s what we can do:

  1. Most important is to NOT interfere in anyone’s life. Inference isn’t the solution. All people to stumble on their path… sometimes that path might be fatal, especially in current circumstances, but there is always the greater plan in motion. There are exceptions… for example, if someone beside you was getting hit by a car, and you could push them to safety, you can do this, and it would likely be appreciated. But what I am highlighting, is that important choices humans make, are always at the soul level, and many are simply choosing the current circumstances to leave their bodies at this time. So we can and must where we are able, show people the way, but not force people to see things our way, and even taking control of over other people who are not under our…care with permission. Ask… “can I help you see the bigger picture when it comes to…?”
  2. Humanity needs a revolution in clay water awareness! Clay water can heal communities: ancestors have known since humans began on earth, that clay water is very healing, and helps to reset the body, and heal ill situations. I believe in order for humanity to heal, they will have to embrace the value of clay water, and then we can see great leaps in natural health. If someone is poisoned, why not start and never finish, drinking water that has a bit of clay in it, that makes the water slightly cloudy, for detox. Did you know that letting this water sit in a glass for 5 days, will begin to produce tiny lifeforms? Surely humanity must know to heal the digestive system, in order to fully heal, and clay water is vital… it is vital for humans to get more natural in all ways.
  3. Improve the flow of information. Let’s be real, how can one know what’s going on, if they are living a distracted life? It is important to turn of the mind control mainstream, and REPROGRAM. Health does not come from a needle. It’s really time to stop listening to sources that do not go first to nature, for healing. We live in highly propagandized environments… one well told lie can spread to the herd who really doesn’t do much research.
  4. Improve your ability to emphasize without lowering your frequency. There will be regretful repercussions as people realize the effects of the jab are much more, that they realized. People have to be gently supported as they realize they have been duped into participating in an experiment with intended dangerous outcomes.
  5. Connect people with the spirit beings in your circle. Times of confusion and uncertainty reveal a need for people to be open to receive and dialogue even, with spiritual people, spirit beings. We’re not getting real truth from lost humans, and the majority are lost. We get our truth, by living truth, opening our hearts, and living with love… without this standard, there is always the uncertainty, and the doubt, and the apathy, and the fear. It is not advisable to ever make fear-based choices, because fear is not where the truth is, and your choice has repercussions beyond your comprehension. Truthfully, humanity needs to get it’s news from truthful sources… makes sense of course.
  6. Ask the angels and guides for assistance to neutralize toxicity. Our spirit fam, can help us to neutralize negative energy… why not pull out the big guns, and come up with creative ways to liaison: “Dear angels and guides, please assist us to neutralize any harmful effects from any toxin that is in our bodies. We invoke the violet flame within our bodies, to transmute all harmful toxins into love… so be it! and yee ha!”
  7. Alkalize the body! If I needed to quickly detox, I would add a bit of baking soda to my clay water for extra alkalinity, right before drinking.
  8. Charcoal for superquick detox! Emergency rooms use charcoal when someone comes in with alcohol poisoning or other poisonings. Why not use it for jab poisoning? To me, this one, is a very quick way to minimize detox of all forms. Should really be a regular thing, since we’re constantly being poisoned in these environments. Our capitalist systems have failed to provide clean air, because they are in competition with mother nature. We must do better and detox ourselves. Once again, the ancestors must have known the medicinal value of charcoal.
  9. Healthy humans ingest lots of high quality wholefood mineral sources of the non-processed kind. Face it… humans do not really know how to eat, and are in a constant state of breakdown… the processed foods are simply empty, and human haven’t fully explored the effects of their current diet. I’m not a fan of most vitamins especially the mainstream ones. Humans have to not only have the vitamins, they must learn how to improve bioavailabity of those vitamins. The colonial food mainstream sources are nasty because they kill off our natural bacteria, since herbicides, pesticides, are ANTIBIOTICS! If we didn’t eat that crap, our bodies would produce vitamins in our digestive tract… feeling empowered? I hope so!
  10. Expose the entire fraud to empower the solution. This whole jab thing is not about saving people. It’s about control. Control of the world. People will have to realize they have been duped AND THEY ARE POWERFUL TO CHANGE THEIR SITUATION WITH LOVE AND BALANCING THE PHYSICAL WITH THE SPIRITUAL. Lose all reasons to feel bad about anything. Everybody has been fooled, and when we realize our souls, we will move forward in such a powerful way, we will never be duped again. What we are needing is for a healthier lifestyle, education, awareness and outlook: 1. Safe and effective detox. 2. High quality minerals. 3. Detox from brainwashing. 4. Reprogramming with Creator, our guides and spirit. 5. Move forward with newfound power, wisdom and love. 6. Heal until there is loving balanced rhythms coming from the heart, and every moment is a joy to be alive… I know it’s a big task, but doable… you’re a very lovable soul aren’t you? Love is not power, but they do work together in synergy… feel the power of love. Love, Indian (Feel free to share, and thanks for doing so.)

Breaking Generational Curses

You have outgrown your old life, yet you may feel that you cannot leave it behind just yet.

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Chemtrails, Face Masks, And PCR Test Swabs All Connected, Infected With Morgellons… aka Artificial Worms!!

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At some point in every soul journey, there comes a crucifixion which has been called the “dark night of the soul”. It is the experience of having the one’s foundation crumble without warning leaving the person floundering in doubt, confusion, mental anguish, resistance, and questions.

St. Germain: The purpose of your whole life’s experiences is to find and KNOW your Creator.

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