People are expecting the returned 144,000 to be perfect, when in reality they probably seem quite unusual or even weird, to the uninitiated of course, they’re probably constantly working on themselves in an environment that doesn’t support that, likely going through financial difficulties, probably stressed from having barely returned from hell consciousness, and thinking, wtf who am I, where am I and wtf just happened! In truth, the gods, angels and masters who have returned, had to go through all the earth lessons, plus karmic clearing of self and even the planet. These great ones, are probably enjoying their solitude, but are somewhat also available to assist others. They are not completely eager to walk among the masses, for the masses still demonstrate that they are at war with God, and want to ‘go it alone’. The masses don’t actually have an ability to recognize the returned teachers from the stars and spirit…. they lash out at anyone claiming to be God, while having no real ability to tell who is God and who is not. This is dangerous ignorance at it’s finest. Children of the earth… it is time to EMBRACE the idea that god is everywhere and within us. When a person claims to be godly, do not associate this with perfect behaviour. You cannot tell who is god conscious by your senses, but you can tell who is god conscious with your heart connected to your higher chakras and beyond. Your senses are constantly fooled, why rely on them for the most important decision you will ever face… ARE YOU WALKING TOWARDS GOD, OR AWAY? Is the god within you… ignored, and shunned… crucified, perhaps? Is the god within you and others, valued, cherished and loved? If you want to know what love is… show yourself, first.

Love, Indian

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