Humanity Doesn’t Realize The Trick Yet… Enslaved Humans Need Insurance And Protection!!

A long time ago, when humans were first seeded unto earth… humans had everything going for them. They were living in balance, harmony and love. People would dance in the unpaved streets… everyday it was quite normal to see people partying and living the good life.

Somewhere along the way, came the negative aliens…. they presented themselves as friends, and seemed as such. For a while, everyone all seemed to live together in peace, except the aliens never felt at home on earth… moreso, it was a place to conquer… but how would they do so?

The negative aliens made up a story…they told the humans that they need protection, because there was some outside negative force who was trying to get them. The humans didn’t realize it was the ones selling the protection, that they needed to be aware of. The humans though, were so naïve in their trusting… in fact, they really didn’t have a point of reference for such deception… it hadn’t happened before, so they just didn’t know to question the ‘official’ story.

The negative aliens too full advantage of humanity’s ignorance and soon set forth a plot that would ensnare the entire planet in a web of slavery that lasted eons… humanity was basically set up by the negative aliens, with a series of contrived events, that fits the problem-reaction-solution scenario… over and over… for eons!

The humans never had to live with INSURANCE before, but thought it makes sense… planet earth was so beautiful and valuable and pure, that the humans never before had to consider the concept of insurance… no one ever bothered them before, no one had ever tried to steal before… but slowly over time, they were eventually convinced that they needed PROTECTION from outside threats.

The humans didn’t realize the trick! Previously they were never attacked because it was never in their consciousness that such an event would occur… and so it didn’t…. and now because they felt they needed protection, that they didn’t realize, this thought allowed the ones into their very lives, that had planted the idea of a need for protection, in the first place.

And so humanity eventually suffered numerous civilizations that would rise up and would eventually fall, and at the same time because they had insurance and protection, they began to be distant with Creator, who seemed to offer no insurance and no protection! They failed to comprehend that the reason their lives were in such a mess is because they trusted their captors and didn’t trust Creator at all!

Meanwhile, their alien ‘friends’ were making other plans to permanently enslave humanity… it was a plan that would take 1000’s of years to eventually reach fruition.

Fast forward to 2020 and beyond…

In preparation of the ascension of humanity… the negative aliens were taken off planet earth, in a war, that few could see or comprehend. It was a grand battle that involved millions of spaceships in our solar system. Basically, there are ships flying around everywhere, but few have the eyes to seem… and many humans have had so much insurance and protection in their lives, that they lost the ability to recognize a real threat to their lives, they lost the ability to tell truth from the lie, and they lost the ability to discern truth from fear.

In order for humans to have INSURANCE and PROTECTION… they were now told they had to take a mystery needle, even though it contained a very dangerous and experimental concoction. The mystery needle is what is left of the negative aliens plan to enslave humanity… even though the negative aliens were taken out of the picture, they passed along enough of the picture and enslavement plan, to their negative human minions. The negative human minions, drunk on their own sense of power, are intent to force humanity into a one world gov. that would make satan blush.

Many humans have been fooled into giving up most of their remaining freedoms, including even, the RIGHT TO BREATHE, the right to travel, the right to earn a living, the right to be free, the right to live in harmony with the planet, the solar system and the universe itself…. all in the names of INSURANCE AND PROTECTION.

Unfortunately, the mystery needle contains all sorts of horrible plans, and people all over the world are experiencing many horrible effects including death… and death from the mystery needle may be ‘very likely’… still, it is not too late, it is never too late to turn to Creator, and ask for guidance and help. Meanwhile, the people of earth, are learning that like fear, whatever is in the mystery needle may be contagious, at least in the first weeks following injection. Soon, the people of earth will realize the horror that their daily lives had become… many will turn to Creator, others will simply give up, and some will die by the needle that they once clung to, with empty hope.

The final echo of the first time humans have lived by fear, is playing out… and it goes like this… People will distance from Creator, live in fear, and their problems-reactions-solutions, will come from an enslaving force, who is using them, for their own ends. Their reality is a hell on earth, and in their hell, they constantly seek out INSURANCE AND PROTECTION. They live from the outside, in.

People who resonate closely with Creator will live as heaven on earth… inherently PROTECTED, GUIDED, CREATIVE, WISE, LOVING AND POWERFUL! They live from the inside, out.

Eventually the humans will discover that life does not come from chemicals, mystery needles, and lower frequencies.

Eventually the humans will discover that only with Creator can they have REAL protection, with NO NEED for insurance, WHICH IS FEAR-BASED.

Love, Indian

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