ASHTAR: see your goal


I come in service unto the Radiant One, The Mother/Father Source and humble in the joy of The Creation.

Above all, you must have belief and desire, and then you must move forth with persistence and tenacity. You must allow resilience and endurance to be your sustenance. See your goal and never take your eyes from it. Put your hand and trust in The Master Teacher for He will lead you through the quagmire of evil about you. It is the only way you shall make it through the Earth experience in wholeness.

I might give you insight at this point, from experience in this particular commission under which I now function. I will tell you that which I told my crew with whom I served in the early beginnings of this mission. Commander Soltec was given a great and “impossible” task of bringing current all records of Earth changes and plotting probable upcoming changes. In ad­dition, he would serve as a full commander within the ordinary functioning of a fleet, be ready for evacuation of our people from your place in the midst of great upheavals. Etc.

We only had a small task force of ships allotted to Earth super­vision. I told him what I now tell you. We will endeavor to ex­pand ourselves and to be everywhere at once with our unlimited abilities to do so. You must have dogged determination in any situation, under all stresses. You are “MAN” and you have been created to excel in all manner and measure. I demand never to hear you say, “I cannot”. Man was created infinite and unlimited; take your banner and become that which you were created to be.

We grew in those times and we will fill the needs of this time. We became the eyes of God surrounding your little planet and we expanded our highest level and we were literally where we were not. We relied not on our craft for that limited us to inferiority of function. We became unlimited as is our creative right.

Eventually more craft were added, divisions of responsibilities were assigned, and the mission expanded continually unto the point of tremendous scope that it is today. We found that if one chose to relinquish portions of his agreed upon function, or fell to the wayside for any reason–we filled the gap and moved on­ward. We simply make a way where there is no way.

You will do likewise. There are few of you to do the “impossible”–you are doing it now, one step at a time–one day at a time. I know of that which you are capable and you shall simply grow to that capability. If ones do not participate or fail to carry their fair share of the load, we will pick it up and waste no time with fiddling; we will simply move forward. We are speaking of a transition of a planet and the placement of millions of your species.

If I appear to have the discipline of a hardened military per­sonality, so be it. Without discipline and determination of goal for accomplishment, you will always be but unfinished per­fection. My eyes are always to total victory for the forces of Light, the balance of The Creation and for the Totality of God and the Laws thereof. I “allow” much except “I cannot”. I will even accept “I will not”, but not graciously. Ye are not in my service to be rebellious nor seditious.

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