Vaxx Mystery Needle Creates Non-Humans, And Will Likely Affect Sex Partnerships!! To Summarize We Now Have Homo Sapien, Homo Christos, And Non-Human Machino!! This Will Obviously Affect Human Mating Habits!!

This Is Why The Police Need Your Help To Protect This Food ...

Vaxx Mystery Needle Creates Non-Humans, And Will Likely Affect Sex Partnerships!! To Summarize We Now Have Homo Sapien, Homo Christos, And Non-Human Machino!! This Will Obviously Affect Human Mating Habits!!

On earth, we now have two versions of human, and one new non-human version… let me explain…

Some countries you know, have fallen into enemy hands, via their cgi sock puppet leaders, and the other willing slaves… ooops big mistake… watch as your so-called buddies now financially bankrupt, put up policies for land grab and communistic business practices and limit freedoms, and they are hoping to force constant injections into people, not for health but for total control… it’s looking like some of those who took the needle are now ‘very likely’ to die, and this is no surprise to anyone paying attention and doing research, since eugenicists are promoting it right???. Because the needle was an experimental concoction by which they turned humans into their guinea pigs, the needled ones, are the ones who need to be quarantined, and are the ones who are a public health hazard… watch for this to become more known, as non-needled women are experiencing needled effects. The needle changes DNA, so the needle is effectively creating a new human species…. they are no longer homo sapien!! Other countries are rising up, and know when they have been fooled… will Canada rise up or, continue to bend over and take their mystery needles, that they don’t know the ingredients of, and are designed to kill? Health does not come from mystery ingredients… do you want to learn this lesson now, or not at all? They wanted to create a human… a third race, that would never ask questions, never fight back, never think for themselves, never connect to God, never connect to the planet, never connect to themselves…. the best way to describe this state of being is… permanent insanity. All of this is now being stopped, but it’s like the titanic, it takes much effort, to make those initial turns. Blessings to you and the world, thanks for listening, and connecting to the hearts of all humanities.

Okay, I don’t want to leave you guessing… let’s summarize:

Two versions of human, and one new non-human version.

1. Homo sapien: homo sapien doesn’t realize that it’s dying, because in the future, this planet will no longer support warring energies.

2. Homo christos (or luminous): homo sapiens who resonate with love, are in a process of transmutation, and the end result after all the negativity is cleared, is homo christos. Earth is the home of homo cristos in the Aquarian age. These are the ascension humans… humans who want to and do, raise their frequency to the frequency of love.

3. No homo machino: a non-human with programmable genetics… these ones formed from the installation of reprogrammable mRNA software via the mystery needle, Morgellons, and hydrogel.

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Love through the storm… feel free to share widely, copy, paste,


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www dot ournewearthnews dot com

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