This Is Ego Not Soul

This Is Ego Not Soul

1. Don’t do your share. Try to blend in and be as ineffective as possible.

2. Be distracted. Do not have focus.

3. Do not take responsibility.

4. Take more than your fair share.

5. Ignore the universe.

6. Live as if God doesn’t matter, and doesn’t even exist!

7. Now that God ‘doesn’t exist’… get as much energy as possible to revolve around you and your lifestyle.

8. Don’t educate yourself… you don’t have time, and furthermore… why bother.

9. Thinking for one’s self has become obsolete. You also have endless excuses as to why you prefer to have others think for you, and to tell you what you can and cannot do.

10. You feel you would die, if you stopped obeying.

11. You see no value in processing your emotions, and prefer to bottle them up… self-examination… yuck.

12. You have so much silent judgment going on, constantly judging self the most, and then others.

13. You don’t enjoy learning new skills… you make constant excuses as why you’ve reached a learning wall.

14. You are distant with the truth, this is also why you tend to judge truthers, and call them ‘conspiracy theorists’.

15. Your darkside scares you. You are basically scared of your own shadow, while at the same time, avoiding your own light… it kinda puts you in void.

16. You are scared of who you are. You are in fear that your light is not good enough.

17. You would inject yourself with chemicals that have no benefit.

18. You don’t enjoy detoxing, and find it boring.

19. You find the higher frequencies, boring.

20. You feel heaven is somewhere ‘out there’, and therefore don’t cultivate heaven from within.

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21. You would rather die, than admit you are incorrect.

22. You support leaders who want to kill your neighbour.

23. You don’t want to get cancer, sure, but you also don’t want to be healthy, unless it happens by chance.

24. You don’t serve a Higher power… our Creator.

25. You like to look busy when the world needs you most.

26. You do not want to be drug-free.

27. You feel you are limited by the genetics you inherited.

28. You are stuck in a culture, that enslaves people.

29. Your religion doesn’t correct it’s own lies, and this detail seems insignificant.

30. Your influencers lie to your face, and you can’t get enough of them.

31. You refuse to acknowledge the chemtrails, and thus, be part of the solution.

32. You dumbed yourself down on purpose, because you couldn’t handle your experiences.

33. You can’t stop the guilt and self-punishment.

34. You are tired of existing.

35. You refuse to pick yourself up.

36. You can’t let go of the victimization.

37. You don’t want people to notice you help out with the tribe as little as possible.

38. You treat the rest of the universe, as something strange.

39. You are in fear, of your own uniqueness.

40. You have no interest in connecting with your own soul and the spiritworld.

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Sometimes a list like this is a good thing to reflect upon… what is in the mirror is ever changing, even in resistance.



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