Capitalism Has Failed All Of Us… Let’s Replace Capitalism… With This!!

Capitalism Shall Be Replaced… With Heartism

O.N.E. News

I propose a whole new way of collective leadership on the planet and I’m not alone (joke)… I propose the earth develops our earth leadership based on existing galactic principles that are known to work. We already have 1000’s of channels who are sending messages all over earth, from galactic beings, universal beings, spirit beings… basically they can channel anyone. We need to re-develop all our societies that do not meet galactic standards and universal laws… this is not a control issue… this will free us from our own hands! This is worthy our support and collective manifestation efforts. We, the world, need to have high frequency dreams that we share together. We have to stop each other from the stranglehold that people have against one another. Face it… capitalism is competition…. and we cannot compete ourselves to prosperity together. Not only do we require a new financial system, we need a new galactic governance effort, we need to admit that the world we are currently creating, is failing in critical ways, and it’s quite serious worldwide. I know you and I, in our hearts, we want share energy that frees people, not contains them… share freedom… sure there’s lots of ‘bad news’ to be shared, but that’s so that we can learn, not be more enslaved. I don’t believe any of our souls exist as slaves… so let’s connect with the world soulfully and heartfully… enough with being comfortable in the cages of our own making… we also need shifts in education… we need anti-brainwashing programs… detox programs… new energy centres… new technology distribution means… worldwide… the introduction of the medbeds… the free energy devices… and all the new technology that is at our fingertips… the channelers are key in this because they can access so much information, but we are all developing the ability to channel new forms of communication… there’s always a next level… let’s create a world that supports each humans development, growth, spiritual advancement, and let’s dissolve all institutions and thoughtforms, that seek to keep us down for their own benefit. At the very least, we need to see beyond competitive capitalism, and develop an abundance mindset… hearts are like parachutes that function best when open… humanity wasn’t designed to live with closed heart… we are designed for dimension-hopping… and we’re gonna be eventually hopping beyond the third dimension, the fourth dimension, and fifth dimension on this planet. Those living in fear won’t be here. Those living in love fit the new earth like a glove.

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