Canada as a colony is going ‘poof’… Canada as a pretend nation is going ‘poof’.

Canada is going ‘poof’ isn’t it?
Canada as a colony is going ‘poof’… Canada as a pretend nation is going ‘poof’. Canada as a natural culture is going ‘poof’. Canada is being brought down from within… it is literally being dismantled… the news paints a story of a series of fabricated events designed to destroy the spirit of canadian nationalism. Canadians have become a human experiment, where death is a side effect. Too many have drank the fluoride. There’s nothing to return to, it was always just a dream. What is here, is an opportunity for something new. The old wants our attention, but the new is where our power is. Can the people design a way of living that supports themselves, and not a hidden secret power that hates them? To have a typical Canadian experience nowadays is to self-flagellate, in a prison colony, hoping for another day of poisonous food that comes from who-knows-where. To have a typical Canadian experience is to watch the fresh fish get shopped away, while poisonous international fish from who-knows-where, fills the food supply. To have a typical Canadian experience is to be lied to, from morning until night, by the mainstream industries. To have a typical Canadian experience, is to watch the terror of the native communities, as their women and children are snatched, and to ‘look busy’ because ‘it doesn’t involve me’. So many do not want to leave their prison, but blame someone else at the same time. This is all a prison of our own making and choosing. The typical canadian home has become an electro-magnetic energy cage. They sleep on coiled mattresses that harnesses the EMF frequencies. The typical neighbourhood has been armed for 5G surveillance. Overall, the colony, is set to implode. The cage bars are heating up. The prison is running out of food. Don’t let this stop you from shining your light… our light leads the way through the storm… already there is the sound of the explosions of the lie… it is the impassioned voice saying, “no one comes between me and my relationship with all that is… no one… I do not consent to slavery… I do not consent to abuse… and I do not consent to foreign ownership of my body and soul… so be it”…. in the colony this is the sound of mutany… the sound of the prisoners getting riled up… the prayers of the people are the sounds of nightmares, to the colonizers. Once again the colonizers find themselves on the shorelines of foreign territories (spirit awakening)… and the natives will once again demonstrate their loving peace and harmony with all creation, and extend a helping hand to those who struggle with their own native spirit. The chaos will quickly dissipate into unity, and many new earth agreements between all people’s of the world will follow. Peoples of the world will discover we need governance that honours the spirit of all living beings… and this is what we shall have. Believe it to see it.

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