The Ascension Of America Is Scheduled For Spring Equinox Says Divine Mother!

January 24th, 2020

Divine Mother on the current Divine plan

The Divine has been busy uplifting the planet. And the planet seems to be in a calm place. The Divine has decided to keep the planet at where she is for now so that the planet can have a break, and humanity too, also rest a bit.

I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother God. In an effort to keep the planet safe and sound in this ascension journey, we, the Divine have been working to uplift the planet from the lower vibrational level to a much higher realm. Now the planet has settled in this new place and the vibration seems pretty suitable for the planetary ascension and humanity in general. That is why we, the Divine have decided to let the planet settle down in this location. As for how long the planet will stay in this particular place, we, the Divine have yet decided. If turn out, this location works out well for the entire planet and humanity, we may let the planet stay here. However, once the planet settles, we, the Divine will have a thorough examination of the overall condition of the planet and decide what to do next. But for now, the planet seems to be in a comfortable place. And that matters.

In the next few days, while the planet rests, we, the Divine will review the entire ascension process and see how much the progress the planet has made, and how far the entire human race has come. It is Divine’s desire to take the time and to do a thorough examination about the whole process. Your Father has been wanting to figure out the progress the planet made, and how the process is going so far. Not mentioning that the Divine and the company of heaven, have not have time to look into the process and do a review. The Divine wants to take a look at the entire Team and want to have an idea of what each individual light workers has accomplished, and how much the entire team has done in the last few months or so. We want to know the progress and we also want to know how our light workers are doing. It is time indeed.

Now, since the planet has been uplifted quite a bit. The human race has also been ascending nicely. The whole planet seems to be in a total different place. But, from what we can see, there are still some regions that the ascension speed is not on par with others. And even worse, there are some areas that the ascension has been literally stopped. For whatever the reason, we need to correct the course of action for these areas, and let them speed up the ascension process. These areas have a tremendous amount of the ascension to catch up, and delays only make the matter worse. It is time for the Divine to intervene to get their ascension process back on track.

Besides the areas that have been dragging their feet and delaying their ascension process, there are also groups, on the planet, that have a hard time to keep up with the ascension Rays. The Divine has sent Rays for the ascension purpose. And these ascension Rays are extremely pivotal for the ascension of the human race. However, there are groups of souls, on the planet, have hard time to absorb the ascension Rays. That means that these souls can’t ascend in a normal way. It means that the Divine has to figure out the reason, and figures out how these souls can ascend without these ascension Rays. Your Father is literally working nonstop and trying to find out the reason why these souls can’t digest the ascension Rays, and whether there are options available for these souls to ascend eventually.

The physical ascension is a very challenging process. The human race has not gone through this kind of process in human history. That is why we see all sorts of scenarios right now. Some groups ascend very well. Others may not so. And also, there are groups that don’t ascend well. The Divine just need to find out the reason so that solutions may be available for these souls.

Now, besides the ascension issues the Divine is working on, there are also a couple of things that need our attention. The first thing the Divine needs to look into is that whether some of our light workers are conducting their light work. Once that is done, we, the Divine will reevaluate our decision on the locations where our light workers are, whether we need to repopulate some light workers, and if the answer is yes, how many of the light workers need to be relocated, and to where. The answer is coming shortly but the relocation of our important light workers is going to be quite disturbing to the entire process. And that is why we, the Divine need to be cautious about it.

I love you dear angels on earth, I am your Divine Mother. The upcoming time is extremely important for Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s awakening process. The Divine is doing whatever it takes to make sure the success of the next endeavor. Your Father God also is taking all the necessary steps so that eventually, we will have great success and nothing but success. Your Father has all planned out for the next few months. Partially the next step which is the ascension of the United States. He has all the elements ready. All the steps are been taken care of. Till the time comes, we will keep working on it. And eventually, the whole process will be quick and successful. That is the goal. And that is the main focus we, the Divine have for the next couple of months.

The ascension of the America is scheduled to be in the spring equinox. The Divine has made sure all things ready. The entire Divine is focus on America right now. We know where the ascension stage of America is at. And the entire Divine is working nonstop on the ascension of the United States. We know how important this process is for the overall Divine plan. And indeed, we, the Divine will do whatever it takes to make sure the success of the ascension of the United States. I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother. Go in peace.

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